Teldio is a Certified Motorola MOTOTRBO Two-Way Radio Applications Developer


Teldio Two-Way Radio Applications

Teldio offers a suite of two-way radio applications, from alarm systems to GPS tracking, turning radios, helping to ensure greater employee safety, security, and situational awareness.

RBX +Plus™ – Radio Branch Exchange

MOTOTRBO radio to telephony integration compatible in multiple configurations.

CLW - Centralized Lone Worker

Periodic lone worker monitoring compatible with multiple mobile devices.

Email Gateway

Improve workflow by giving radio users the ability to send & receive emails and work orders.

ACS - Panic Alerting Solution

Once a panic alarm is triggered, the alarm is dispatched to the response team through ACS.

ACS - Alarm Control System

Intelligent alarm management and notification system allowing third party integration.

R2R – Radio to Radio Recording

Recording solution for radio talkgroup conversations on MOTOTRBO radio networks.

GPS– Tracking & Fleet Management

Track & manage vehicles & assets in real-time with TruFleet’s easy-to-use web-based solution.

MDN – Man Down Notifier

Continuous lone worker monitoring that utilizes the accelerometer in the MOTOTRBO radio.

TDC – Dispatch Console

Streamline communication between employees in the field and the home office.

WTS - Work Ticketing System

Seamlessly send & monitor work tickets to ensure all issues are being dealt with in a timely manner.


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