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How To Buy From Teldio

Whether you are purchasing our products and solutions via a dealer or directly, we want to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Step 1: Free Consulting

Our team of experts has vast experience in helping companies overcome challenges. By partnering with us, you’ll gain access to valuable insights and knowledge from our track record of success in your industry. Let us guide you on how to reimagine your business operations and optimize your performance, safety, and efficiency.

Get started by contacting us at 1-855-743-1333 x3, sending us an email, or completing our Contact Us form.


Step 2: Get All Parties Involved

We understand that navigating complex business solutions can involve a multitude of individuals and companies, making the process challenging and overwhelming. Our team has the expertise to collaborate effectively with your system integrators, end users, and Motorola Radio Dealers in order to deliver a comprehensive solution with the highest level of quality and minimal unexpected surprises.

Let us help you achieve a smooth and successful project outcome. Contact us to learn more!


Step 3: Solution & Quote

Once we understand all your needs, we tailor our solutions to align with your company’s objectives. Our team will collaborate closely with all parties, and provide collaborative documents that outline the network topology and installation steps.

If you’re a Radio Dealer, we will guide you through the radio specifications and details regarding all other requirements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the deployment process and laying the foundation for a seamless implementation. We will send you a solutions quote to be included with your full system quote to the customer.

If you’re an End Customer interested in our applications and your solution involves Motorola Radios, we partner with your Motorola Radio Dealer to provide you with a solutions quote. The Motorola Radio dealer plays a vital role in final pricing and will work with you to ensure a seamless deployment experience.

In some scenarios, we may be able to provide a solution quote to you directly. Contact us for more information.


Step 4: Implementation

Our dedicated Implementation and Support Team works closely with all parties involved to ensure a thorough and successful deployment. We provide comprehensive training to your team, ensuring a seamless handover and setting you up for ongoing success.

Should you have any queries, changes, or additional requirements for the applications, our Sales and Support Team is readily accessible, or you may contact your Radio Dealer for assistance.