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Teldio Edge Gateway

Efficiently and automatically dispatch alerts, business-critical alarms, and personal safety notifications.

If This Happens, Then Do That

Teldio Edge Gateway (TEG) can integrate into existing infrastructure, applications, and devices to automatically dispatch alerts, business-critical alarms, and personal safety notifications to radios, phones, and other devices. With 40+ modules, TEG is compatible with a wide range of devices and applications, allowing for seamless communication and data transfer.

Alarm Management

Efficiently and automatically manage your day-to-day, business-critical, and safety alarms or increased safety and productivity.

Safety Solutions

Increase safety by identifying and resolving potential threats before they escalate and put measures in place to prepare for emergencies.

Integrated Video Solutions

Extend the reach of your Avigilon or Pelco video surveillance systems to reduce costs and increase employee and facility safety.


Send one-way communication messages to groups or individuals on their radios, cell phones, text messages, email, and more.

Work Ticketing

Streamline workflows to increase productivity, reduce operational costs, decrease response times, and enhance communication.

Asset Monitoring

Extend the life of assets, streamline audits and daily operations, and reduce maintenance expenses with effective asset monitoring and management solutions.

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What the Teldio Edge Gateway Integrates With

Teldio works with a variety of systems, devices, and applications to ensure streamlined alarm notifications.

Supported Systems

Honeywell, Win911, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, Siemens, Chubb Edwards, Pi Alerts, Lenel OnGuard, SARA, Zetron, Delta V, Genetec, Automation Direct, Crestron, NOAA Weather, Informacast, Commend, Slate Safety, ThingWorx, Bosch, RCare, AIMS, Rockwell Automation, Federal Signal, and more!

Supported Protocols

Email, SMS, Contact Closures, Serial ASCII, OPC, MQTT, SCADA, ModBus, TCP/UDP, Web Services/APIs, SIP, and more!

Compatible Outputs

MOTOTRBO Radios, Phones (SMS/Phone), Email Capable Devices, Dashboards, POCSAG Pagers, Avigilon Video, Strobe Lights, PA Systems, and more!

Built for a Variety of Industries


Improve Communication

Automate all notifications to staff and students to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently for improved safety measures.

    • Quickly send emergencies messages to all staff
    • Notify security when a locked door is breached
    • Initiate panic events via a badge, cell phone, or radio


Decrease Downtime

Monitor manufacturing facilities 24/7 and automate alerts for real-time notifications to minimize downtime and productivity losses.

    • Monitor employees who work alone
    • Detect workers and vehicles in unauthorized areas
    • Automatically receive notifications when equipment is down


Enhance Operational Efficiencies

Ensure onsite staff are well informed and receive alerts in real-time for increased productivity and to keep guests and visitors safe at all times.

    • Send alarms to staff depending on their location
    • Notify security easily with panic badges
    • Detect people in unauthorized areas and send alerts

How the Teldio Edge Gateway has Helped Other Companies

Financial Data Centers Increase Building Safety and Security

Large Shopping Mall Increases Staff Safety

A Car Manufacturer Streamlines Their Outdoor Test Track

Want to see how Teldio can help your business?