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GPS / Indoor Tracking & Fleet Management

Track vehicles & radios using GPS when outdoors and iBeacon Bluetooth technology when indoors

Track & manage vehicles & assets indoors & outdoors in real-time

TruFleet GPS tracking puts you in the seat of every vehicle. See every turn, stop, and location in real time or playback historical data as needed. The robust platform allows users to track vehicles & radios using GPS when outdoors and iBeacon Bluetooth technology when indoors.

Using a rich and intuitive mapping display, TruFleet shows the device’s location on a web browser accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Compatible devices:

  • MOTOTRBO Digital Radios (all network modes)
Monitoring & Tracking Options with TruFleet

Stay connected to your vehicles and assets around the clock and in real time with TruFleet’s easy-to-use web-based solution. Track the location and movements of two-way radios, improve communication with remote workers, enhance productivity, and ensure the safety of employees and valuables assets – all from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Locate Vehicles in Real-Time

From the web browser, you can receive location-based information of vehicles on the move, if they leave a defined geo-fenced area, and organize vehicles into groups for better display. Should a worker initiate an emergency alarm, an audio alert will sound & the map automatically displays the location of the alarm for a quick response.

Don’t Just Manage Your Fleet, Maximize It

Flexible reporting tools enables personnel to evaluate and maximize the operational performance of the fleet. TruFleet provides a list of pre-canned summary reports, as well as the ability to create custom reports. Management can stay abreast of fleet activity with automated daily reports emailed directly to their mailbox.

TruFleet Features
  • The intuitive, web-based TruFleet user interface displays the location of radios (in vehicles or with personnel) on the map as the location information is received via the radio network.
  • The TruFleet user interface is accessible on any device with a web browser including SmartPhones and Tablets and allows the users to create points of interests, click on breadcrumbs to see historical data and bookmark common locations.
  • Dispatchers can request immediate position updates and send text messages tp radios directly from the TruFleet UI.
  • When a vehicle activates an emergency message, an audible alert is raised on screen & the location of the vehicle is automatically centered on the map.
  • Daily statistic reports can be set up to automatically emailed to management personnel.
  • Geofences can be easily created & assigned for individual vehicles or fleets.
  • Preset and customizable reports available in PDF, Word and Excel formats and route replays that can be played on screen or exported to Google Earth offer a wide range of reporting features.
  • Included Open Street Maps can be augmented by a low cost monthly subscription to Google Maps. Users also have the ability to bring in Shapefiles to add information to map layers or access offline maps by downloading them from a list of pre-approves map tile servers.
  • Alerts can be generated when users speed, enter/exit geofences, raise radio emergencies, move outside of operational hours etc. The alerts can be paired with Teldio AMS to generate various types of alerts in real time.
  • TruFleet can be paired with Safety Solutions and Motorola’s Emergency systems to include location in Personal Safety alarms generated by radio users.
Reporting Features

Manage your mobile assets, audit vehicle routes, and create comprehensive reports to manage your business more efficiently. The flexible reporting tool allows users to generate custom reports and export them in Excel, Word or PDF format and automatically email them to supervisors.

Standard Reporting Features

  • Replay of historical data based on date and time
  • Reverse geocoding of GPS latitude/longitude transforms coordinates into a street address
  • Emergency reports present the time and address of the event, as well as who responded to the event
  • Route replay can be set up based on vehicle ID, date & time period

Sprite Reporting Features

  • Provides precision tracking down to the block level
  • Waypoint reports (entry and exit of geographic location)
  • Real-time contact closure tracking (plow up/down, waste bin pickup, door open/close, etc.)
  • Custom event-driven detailed reports on engine idle time, moving/stopped stats, speeding, turns, etc.
iBeacon Indoor Tracking

TruFleet provides real-time indoor location data using strategically placed iBeacons. These wireless iBeacons emit Bluetooth signals which have a range of up to 100 feet (subject to environment) and a battery life of three to five years.

Integrated Indoor & Outdoor Positioning Solution

When leaving a bluetooth area and going outdoors, the MOTOTRBO radio* seamlessly switches from pairing with Bluetooth beacons to GPS monitoring. TruFleet records the user’s whereabouts, as well as the date and time of the radio’s movements for historical playback

Increase Situational Awareness

Quickly and easily see where your vehicles and assets are at all times with our TruFleet application. Dispatchers can quickly locate subscribers in real-time to redirect them from traffic, accidents or provide them with new orders.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Dispatcher sends text message to individual radio users to alert them of an ongoing situation
  • Real-time location reports from vehicles are displayed on the application. Dispatchers can “ping” individual users for an immediate position update.
  • Web-based reporting capabilities provide an overview of fleet operations & real-time mapping
Monitoring & Audit Capability

See every action from point A to point B with rich real-time and historical location data. With TruFleet fleet management and Sprite telemetrics, supervisors, managers and administrators can track the location and actions of employees and assets in real-time.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Use the odometer information to generate a maintenance report indicating when a vehicle is due for its next service
  • Find out about unwanted driver behaviours like speeding, idling or entering forbidden areas
  • Share unique reports with team members to turn data into useful & actionable information
Improve Productivity & Efficiency

With one click you can see subscribers’ current location and review their past movements. Automate mileage collection, create more efficient routes, find the closest vehicle to a customer, and receive preventative maintenance reminders.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Reduce fuel costs and repair bills by improving route efficiencies & minimizing speeding and excessive idling
  • Better manage driver performance, streamline reporting, improving routing, and making efficient use of your drivers.
  • Location-based work tickets via text messaging
System Architecture

Trufleet AVL solution is a software application installed on a server, which tracks the location of GPS-enabled MOTOTRBO radios. The server interfaces to the radio system using MOTOTRBO control stations or repeaters in most radio network configurations. It is designed to leverage the company’s private radio network by tracking MOTOTRBO users in real-time, recording and playing back their historical whereabouts and communicating with mobile workers. Radio location information can be viewed from any web browser.

Compatible Radios

TruFleet is compatible with all MOTOTRBO portables and mobiles that are GPS-enabled in the following radio network modes:

  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus
  • Capacity Max