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Broadcast Notifications in Real Time

Inform or alert team members via email, SMS, or radio text.

Benefit From Fast and Effective Communications Solutions

Part of Teldio’s Alarm Management, Broadcast is a simple, cost-effective solution allowing you to send one-way communications messages to radios, cell phones, and other devices such as email, SMS, or radio text.

Broadcast at a Glance

  • Secure, simple web user interface
  • Integrates with Teldio Edge Gateway
  • Individual messages as well as pre-set broadcast groups
  • Pre-canned messages will auto-populate or input your own
  • Broadcast communications to email, SMS, and radio text simultaneously

Deployment Requirements

  • Dedicated mobile radio for sending text messages to radio users
  • Twilio subscription for sending SMS messages
  • Email account for sending email messages

Common Uses

  • Issue emergency messages (code red/blue etc.) to staff at a hospital via radio text
  • Send an SMS to workers in the field to notify them of an office update
  • Contact personnel working at home and working on site with one quick broadcast that will reach them on their respective devices

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