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Avigilon Integration

for Increased Protection of People & Property

Teldio Avigilon Integration

As an Avigilon Technology Partner, Teldio enables your organization to extend the reach of your video surveillance analytics.

Leveraging the power of both the Teldio Edge Gateway and Avigilon Control Center (ACC), Teldio video solutions trigger actions from a wide range of external systems.

In a workplace, a panic button press can send an alarm to alert staff of an emergency. What if that button press also triggered video recording for increased safety?

When critical equipment is moved or an ‘object of interest’ enters or loiters in a specific area, the entire world of connected devices can be engaged to call, text, record, trace, track, monitor, report, etc. Likewise, when external events occur, ranging from sensing impact, vibration, and pressure to detecting changes in temperature, air quality, gas levels, light levels, or moisture, ACC can be actioned to trigger camera movement, bookmark video, notify client monitoring stations, etc.

The results? Cost reductions, safer facilities and increased protection of people and property.

Our Teldio Edge Gateway is the key to bridging the power of ACC and the power of our IoT connected world, bringing a wide variety of new functionality that ACC can leverage.

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