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Consumer Goods Manufacturer Increases Staff & Building Safety

A large US-based consumer goods manufacturer was looking for a solution that enabled them to better respond to emergencies to increase the safety of staff and their buildings.

The objectives?

The client wanted to improve their facilities’ radio communications and was looking to implement alarm monitoring systems. They also wanted to have the ability to record specific talkgroups for playback and audit after alarm events.

The challenges?

  • Based on the existing setup, the client was not able to dispatch alarms to the two-way radio system. Specifically, the client was looking to:
    • Send alarms to different recipients depending on location
    • Trigger only critical alarms
    • Enable a test mode for fire panel testing
  • There also was no solution in place to record radio talk groups.
  • Staff did not have the ability to make phone calls from their two-way radios whereas the client wanted to enable managers to use the phone capability on their two-way radio systems to call emergency services such as 911.

How were the objectives achieved?

The implementation of Teldio’s Alarm Monitoring System (AMS) enabled the client to dispatch alarms to certain recipients depending on their location and the type and severity of the alarm. Additionally, Teldio’s Telephone Interconnect system (RBX) enabled staff to use phone capabilities from their two-way radios in case of an emergency. Finally, Teldio’s Radio to Radio Recording system (R2R), allowed managers to record specific talk groups in order to review conversations at a later date after alarms were triggered as well as for auditing purposes.

The results?

Not only did the Teldio solution increase overall safety of staff and the client’s buildings, it also improved communications and productivity substantially. False fire alarms were eliminated and weather alarm events were handled more efficiently and more accurately by differentiating between 21 different types of weather events.

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