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Effective Emergency Management and Notifications

Increase safety with intelligent emergency management and notifications.

Improve Emergency Preparedness With Teldio

Injuries and accidents are unfortunate parts of the workplace and the time it takes to notify the correct people with the right information can drastically affect response times and make life-saving differences. With Teldio’s safety solutions, you can now protect your workforce by using a variety of different solutions.


Improve Employee Visibility

Enhance safety by identifying and resolving potential threats before they escalate and put measures in place for emergencies.


Increase Employee Safety

Significantly reduce response times to events and emergencies by sending alarms to the most suitable individuals by seamlessly integrating into your employee safety solutions.


Enhance Existing Devices

Easily consolidate your alarm sources and manage your alarm notification process to increase response times and workplace safety.

Amplify Your Emergency Alarm Processes

Supported Systems

Motorola Fall Alert, Motorola Lone Worker, Motorola Emergency Alarms, MOTOTRBO Pre-set Text Messages, Teldio Wireless Panic Buttons, Existing Panic Alarm Systems, Contact Closure triggered Buttons, and Teldio TruFleet (to add location to alarms)

Support Technologies

MOTOTRBO (Text, Emergency and Location), NCD/Digi-Mesh, Contact Closures, MQTT, SMS, and Web Services/APIs

Compatible Outputs

MOTOTRBO Radios, Phones (SMS/Phone), Email Capable Devices, Dashboards, POCSAG Pagers, Avigilon Video, Strobe Lights, and PA Systems

See how Teldio can enhance your emergency preparedness