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Location Tracking and Fleet Management

Track and manage people, vehicles, and assets, both indoors and outdoors using two-way radios.

Track and Manage Your Vehicles, Staff and Assets

Monitor the location of two-way radios to improve communication, enhance productivity, and ensure the safety of employees, vehicles, and assets from your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Indoor and Outdoor Tracking

Track your vehicles, employees, and assets both indoors and outdoors to increase safety and productivity standards.

Replays and Reporting

Easily view, search, replay, and report on all radios from any given time period to increase employee accountability and run your business more efficiently.

Emergency Monitoring

Identify and resolve potential threats before they escalate and receive alarm notifications with employee locations when emergencies arise.

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Enhance Your MOTOTRBO Radios with GPS Capabilities

Easily know the location of your fleets using two-way radios to improve productivity and efficiency.

Know where your fleets are

Know the location of your fleet of school buses, utility trucks, or any vehicle equipped with a MOTOTRBO radio.

    • Benefit from insights to improve safety, lower operational costs, and increase productivity
    • Improve route management to optimize inventory and enhance operations with effective reporting and route replays
    • Track your assets by granular turn-by-turn updates or only during emergencies

Safety Solutions on Your MOTOTRBO Radios

Know the location of your employees using two-way radios to improve safety and response times.

Know where your employees are

Track the location of your personnel allowing you to quickly find employees in an emergency or to direct the closest person to an event.

    • Integrate into Motorola’s Man Down, Lone Worker, and Motorola Emergency events to raise safety alarms
    • Track employee response times, escalate unanswered alarms to the next appropriate person, and more
    • Put security measures in place to easily monitor restricted areas, and trigger automated alerts for increased safety

Built for a Variety of Industries


Improve Student Visibility

Allow staff and parents to know the whereabouts by tracking school buses on a map using a Motorola two-way radio system.

    • See a live view of all your buses on a map
    • Track when a bus entered a school zone
    • Receive live speeding alerts, mileage information, route replays, door open/close events, and more


Enhance Workplace Safety

Know what is happening at your manufacturing facilities 24/7 to ensure employee safety, building security, and operational facilities.

    • Monitor employees who work alone
    • Track the whereabouts of security personnel
    • Access reports for auditing purposes
    • Receive preventative maintenance reminders


Monitor Your Vehicles

Track your utility trucks to know where your employees are, what calls have been completed, and have it all documented for future reference.

    • Know the location of your employees
    • Track how long spent on a service call
    • Document if a service call was completed
    • Download rich reports with Sprite Firmware

Learn how Teldio TruFleet can enhance your asset tracking and monitoring utilizing your radio network