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Elevate your existing utilities systems and devices

Teldio helps decrease downtime while improving productivity and employee safety.

Improve Processes and Efficiencies with Teldio

Teldio addresses the needs in the utilities industry by allowing supervisors to keep their workers connected, informed, and safe.


Improve Employee Visibility

Teldio’s Avigilon Integration allows you to detect a person and trigger an alarm when entering a specified area. An action can then be triggered, such as alerting security personnel.


Enhance Operational Efficiencies

The Teldio Edge Gateway ensures that the alarm management and notification process is automatic and reliable. Issues can be prevented and unplanned downtime averted by proactively notifying key personnel.


Decrease Response Times

Know the location of workers to reduce response times to on-site emergencies. Teldio’s TruFleet allows you to track MOTOTRBO radios both indoors and outdoors using GPS and Bluetooth iBeacons.

Heighten Security Measures

Increase safety of remote workers for operational efficiencies and heightened security measures.

Emergency Management

Increase safety by identifying and resolving potential threats before they escalate and put measures in place to prepare for emergencies.

Indoor Tracking

Benefit from real-time indoor location data for increased safety and productivity standards. Integrate indoor and outdoor positioning solutions to heighten safety measures further.

Alarm Management

Manage day-to-day, business critical and safety alarms efficiently and automatically for increased safety and productivity.

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Benefits You Can Count On

Improve operational efficiencies and employee safety by keeping staff connected

Decrease Downtime

Monitor facilities 24/7 to minimize downtime and productivity losses. Automate alerts for real-time notifications and decreased response times.

Increase Productivity

Improve operational efficiencies and employee safety by keeping staff connected at all times.

Improve Employee Safety

Know the whereabouts of workers and monitor remote staff to ensure their safety at all times. Automate check-ins and alerts to increased safety measures.

Learn how to elevate your existing utilities systems and devices