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Minimizing Downtime for Manufacturing Clients

No doubt, video solutions are essential when it comes to the overall safety and security of any business. Leveraging Avigilon Control Center (ACC) and our Teldio Integration Platform, Teldio video solutions extend the power of video analytic events by triggering actions from a wide range of external systems, such as motion, alarm systems, panic buttons, humidity, temperature, etc.

Teldio’s Avigilon Integration for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry, especially, benefits from the installation of Teldio’s Avigilon integration to monitor manufacturing processes and to keep plants safe and secure. Given the nature of the environment, workplace accidents can be particularly serious in industrial sites, manufacturing facilities, and factories. Wireless panic buttons can be mounted in strategic locations throughout the facilities. In case of an emergency, a button press triggers an alert to the Teldio Edge Gateway, which communicates with Avigilon ACC to initiate high quality camera recordings. Simultaneously, the Teldio Edge Gateway also displays the event on the alarm dashboard and sends a message to security personnel’s devices to alert them of the incident. Faster response times as well as obtaining clear video evidence should incidents occur are just two of the many benefits. Research has shown that by simply having a video solution in place, workers unknowingly are more likely to adhere to rules and regulations in relation to safe working practices.

Benefits of Teldio’s Avigilon Integration for manufacturing extend well beyond worker safety though. Our Teldio Edge Gateway is key to bridging the power of ACC and our IoT connected world, bringing a wide variety of new functionality that ACC can leverage, including the protection of production lines and machinery. Unplanned downtime due to equipment failure and other events could be disastrous. Set sensor thresholds, for heat or humidity, for example, could prevent or minimize downtime and loss in revenues by triggering an alert to the Teldio Edge Gateway, which – in turn – communicates with Avigilon ACC to initiate camera recordings of the corresponding equipment. Simultaneously, the Teldio Edge Gateway can also send a radio text message to engineering staff to alert them of the incident.

Our video solutions also enable manufacturing clients to detect workers and vehicles in unauthorized areas, via motion triggers, and to quickly identify and flag atypical events. Violations trigger signals to the Teldio Edge Gateway, which alerts security personnel. The Teldio Edge Gateway can also send a message to Avigilon ACC to engage the camera closest to the event, tag the video, and start recording at high resolution – securing raw materials, finished product as well as high value machinery in manufacturing settings.

Manufacturing is a complex business, and there are many areas where video can play a valuable role. Teldio’s Avigilon integration enables manufacturing clients to efficiently and effectively detect, verify, and act on events, minimizing loss in revenues while increasing worker safety.

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