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Extend your radio network to include


Want to know the location of your fleet? Ensure the safety of your workforce? Enhance your Motorola MOTOTRBO™ two-way radios? Seamlessly connect your radio and video systems together?

We build solutions that extend your existing two-way radio network to drive operational efficiencies, digital transformation, and employee safety.

Teldio Edge Gateway

A cost-effective solution that integrates into existing infrastructure, applications, and devices to automatically receive events and trigger actions to radios, phones, and other devices.

Teldio TruFleet

A web-based solution that allows you to track, monitor, and manage people and assets, both indoors and outdoors, using two-way radios.

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Alarm Management

Efficiently and automatically manage your day-to-day, business-critical, and safety alarms for increased safety and productivity.

Emergency Management

Increase safety by identifying and resolving potential threats before they escalate and put measures in place to prepare for emergencies.


Send one-way communication messages to groups or individuals on their radios, cell phones, text messages, email, and more.

GPS & Fleet Tracking

Know the location of your fleet of school buses, utility trucks, or any vehicle equipped with a MOTOTRBO radio in real-time.

Indoor Tracking

Track the location of your personnel to quickly find employees in an emergency or to direct the closest person to an event.

Asset Monitoring

Extend the life of assets, streamline audits and daily operations, and reduce maintenance expenses.

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Avtec Scout Console™ + Teldio TruFleet Plus

Teldio TruFleet Plus is available directly within your Avtec Scout Console™ to enable accurate location tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments, radio messaging, and emergency alerting.

Seamless Radio + Video Integrations

Teldio’s integration with Avigilon Unity Video offers a bi-directional connection to automatically trigger video actions based on radio location, external events, or 3rd party systems.



Want to see how Teldio can help your business?