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Fluid Edge Themes

Teldio is a systems integrator and applications developer delivering solutions targeted at improving operational efficiency, employee safety & cost reduction for enterprise customers.



Tailored Solutions

Our team is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure the solution you implement will fit your needs, keep your employees safe, and allow you to focus on running your business efficiently.


Scalable Solutions

Teldio solutions are built to scale from small to large multi-site networks. Deploying Teldio apps is a piece of cake and it’s easy to layer on additional features, user licenses and apps.


Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and share the philosophy that with premium products must come premium support.


Easy to Deploy

We all know how complex telecommunications networks can be, and for that reason we continuously strive to simplify our installation process.

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Teldio Application Updates & New Releases

  • Here is the recording of our latest webinar focused on the Teldio Gateway, our new event-driven solution platform. The webinar covers all the things you can do using the Teldio Gateway, from pre-configured solutions to custom solutions. The Teldio Gateway Pre-sales We begin with an overview of Teldio and then jump into the Teldio Gateway. The Teldio Gateway is a cost-effective, highly customizable hardware platform. It can be utilized to build a solution tailored to the exact need of our customers, as well as offering our customers a variety of pre-configured solutions. Whether for you or

  • TruDisptach (TDC) allows dispatchers to quickly make or receive calls from individuals or talkgroups, oversee network communication, playback audio and manage multiple resources in real-time with the push of a button. Whether they’re on the road or on a job site, the dispatch system allows you to communicate instantly with your mobile team, directly from your computer. Overview TDC offers 3 forms of communication; private & group calls, text messages, and channel monitoring. Private & Group Calls: Allow PC users to broadcast onto the radio network. Dispatchers can make & receive private