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Teldio is a systems integrator and applications developer delivering solutions targeted at improving operational efficiency, employee safety & cost reduction for enterprise customers.



Tailored Solutions

Our team is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure the solution you implement will fit your needs, keep your employees safe, and allow you to focus on running your business efficiently.


Scalable Solutions

Teldio solutions are built to scale from small to large multi-site networks. Deploying Teldio apps is a piece of cake and it’s easy to layer on additional features, user licenses and apps.


Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and share the philosophy that with premium products must come premium support.


Easy to Deploy

We all know how complex telecommunications networks can be, and for that reason we continuously strive to simplify our installation process.

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Teldio Application Updates & New Releases

  • The safety of lone workers is of utmost importance to any company but how can you safely monitor employees who are working alone? Teldio's Lone Worker (LW) application verifies the well-being of your lone workers by periodically pinging their radios. If the lone worker fails to respond to the ping in time, an alarm is automatically dispatched to notify the response group of his missed response. How Does It Work When LW is enabled it will monitor your lone workers by sending them Check-In messages directly on their radios at a

  • Introducing the new Teldio Gateway Demo Kit! Easily request your Teldio Gateway Demo Kit and demo all Gateway applications to your customers What's in Your Gateway Demo Kit Here is everything you can expect in your Gateway Demo Kit: A Teldio Gateway A built-in demo tool that sends messages to radios as text, Teldio Smart Tickets, Email and SMS Ability to demo all Teldio Gateway applications, including Lone Worker and Man Down Notifier Note: Your company must provide the radios needed for the demos.   Request your Teldio Gateway Demo Kit today and start showing it off to