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Integrate your enterprise systems & equipment

Rapidly deploy automated workflows utilizing Teldio’s no-code integration platform


Operational blind spots are catastrophic for enterprises. 

Enterprises live and die by siloed equipment and information systems to power their business but the lack of communication between these systems creates blind spots, causing downtime and critical safety incidents.


Bridge disparate systems with no-code workflows that automate situational awareness across the organization.

Enterprises benefit through reduced labor costs and increased agility while achieving faster time to value through low-touch deployments.


Teldio’s integration platform eliminates your blind spots.

Our SaaS platform enables enterprises to seamlessly connect people, systems, and equipment, with reliable on-premise network integration.

Here’s how we helped others automate workflows:

Mission critical communications

For J.P. Morgan Chase, data center policy prohibits cellular devices or external network connections. Keeping workers informed of critical safety alarms relies on Teldio’s seamless integration of existing building management systems and their Motorola radios.


Honeywell Notifier events sent as TXT or Audio to MotoTRBO radios.


Tap into all building management systems including Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls, etc., and bring awareness to all workers whether they carry radios, want SMS to their cell phones, or want emails to their preferred system.


Take full advantage of your Motorola technology to track location, monitor safety, and communicate beyond radio to phone and SMS systems like Twilio.

Focus on the important

In large crowded environments, customers rely on advanced analytics to trigger awareness of critical events. Bringing that awareness to a wide variety of people and systems requires Teldio.


Extend the reach of your video surveillance analytics, like Avigilon ACC, to notify workers through radios, SMS, and email systems like Gmail and Microsoft Office 365.


Bring additional awareness to the operational dashboards your teams already use, to engage video recording, bookmarking, and notifications triggered by building alarms, panic buttons, motion sensors, and more.

Perception drives actionable intelligence

At Cargill, on site workers need to be notified of fire, severe weather, and medical emergency events via an audio message, email and SMS. They rely on Teldio to integrate their existing systems with critical external services and additional sensors.


Weather service alerts notify workers with Motorola MotoTRBO radios.


Panic and emergency buttons notify emergency services. Use Teldio to quickly trigger real-time action intelligently from a wide variety of devices and sensors.


MotoTRBO input notifies workers over SMS. Teldio empowers workers to leverage their radios, beyond communication, to control equipment and notify people of critical events.

Automate flexible no-code workflows that integrate an endless number of information systems, equipment & devices


MotoTRBO Text and Audio

Endless integrations including text and audio communication with MotoTRBO radios


Quick Deployment

Get up and running quickly with simple configuration and low-touch deployment


Easy Automation

Automate critical processes with simple no-code workflows and easily add more over time

What are the impacts on the manufacturing industry?

Safety, efficiency & productivity are deeply interrelated

Read the Motorola Solutions 2021 Manufacturing Survey Report for details.

Learn how Teldio can help eliminate your organization’s blind spots