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Fluid Edge Themes

Teldio is a systems integrator and applications developer delivering solutions targeted at improving operational efficiency, employee safety & cost reduction for enterprise customers.



Tailored Solutions

Our team is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure the solution you implement will fit your needs, keep your employees safe, and allow you to focus on running your business efficiently.


Scalable Solutions

Teldio solutions are built to scale from small to large multi-site networks. Deploying Teldio apps is a piece of cake and it’s easy to layer on additional features, user licenses and apps.


Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and share the philosophy that with premium products must come premium support.


Easy to Deploy

We all know how complex telecommunications networks can be, and for that reason we continuously strive to simplify our installation process.

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Teldio Application Updates & New Releases

  • Did you know that all Teldio applications are compatible with Windows 10? This is a great time to update any existing Teldio Application servers as Mircosoft's Windows 7 support has now expired. Microsoft's Windows 7 support being expired can lead to issues with applications down the line which we aim to mitigate and one major way to do this is to upgrade to Windows 10. Before you upgrade to Windows 10 You need to ensure you are on a valid Teldio Support Package (see all 3 levels below). This will ensure a smooth transition

  • With the new integration between TruFleet and Teldio's Lone Worker and Man Down, you are now able to see the locations of your employees whenever they raise a personal safety alarm. The alarms will also appear in TruFleet to ensure a timely response. What Happens When an Alarm is Raised? When a worker raises an alarm by pressing a button on a radio or an alarm is raised on their behalf via Lone Worker and Man Down the following items will occur: The worker's location information (indoor or outdoor) will be sent with the alarm message