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Teldio TruFleet Plus

Track and manage people, vehicles, and assets, both indoors and outdoors using your two-way radio network.

Real-Time Location Tracking and Fleet Management for Two-Way Radio Networks

Teldio TruFleet Plus tracks, monitors, and manages your employees, vehicles and assets in real-time using a rich and intuitive web-based interface that can be accessed on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone to improve communication, enhance productivity, and increase safety.

The addition of the Teldio Edge Gateway enables seamless automation based on geo-fencing, locations, and events, enabling businesses to efficiently monitor assets, track vehicles, and automate workflows by leveraging real-time notifications and intelligent triggers.

Extend your Avtec Dispatching Solution with Teldio TruFleet Plus

Teldio TruFleet Plus is available directly within your Avtec Scout Console™ to enable accurate location tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments, radio messaging, and emergency alerting.

  • Increase visual situational awareness
  • Communicate via the most appropriate channel
  • Trigger video surveillance in dispatch deployments

Simple Deployment

Teldio TruFleet Plus is installed directly into your Avtec Scout Console™, making the deployment process quick and easy.


High Scalability

Teldio TruFleet Plus works with your existing radio system, with the ability to handle thousands of radios.


Customizable Mapping

Import your own indoor and outdoor standard-based maps, enabling a familiar visual view of your environment.

Precision Location Capabilities and Automation

Stay connected to your employees, vehicles, and assets around the clock and in real-time by tracking the location and movements of two-way radios. Teldio TruFleet Plus improves communication with your remote workers to enhance productivity and ensure the safety of your employees and valuables assets, all from within your Avtec Scount Console™.


Monitor Your Employees’ Location and Safety

Track the location of your personnel to quickly and employees in an emergency, or direct the closest person to an event.



Track Your Fleet and Valuable Assets

Know the location of your fleet of school buses, utility trucks, or any vehicle or asset equipped with a two-way radio in real-time.


Accurate Location Tracking

Track the location of employees, assets, and vehicles, in both indoor and outdoor environments, in real time.


Real-Time Messaging

Easily send messages to your employees and specified groups via two-way radio, email, SMS, and more.


Automated Alarm Management

Be able to send and manage alarms from your two-way radios, access control systems, re panels, sensors, and more.


Increase Worker Safety

Real-time location tracking and monitoring of personnel, vehicles, and assets enables organizations to respond swiftly to emergencies and enhance overall safety measures.


Reduce Operational Costs

Increase cost savings by optimizing resource allocation and decreasing response times to reduce expenses due to downtime, delays, and inefficient processes.


Automate Legacy Systems

Seamlessly integrate into existing systems like alarm panels, machines, and robots, transforming them into responsive connected components of your system.

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