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GPS and Fleet Tracking for MOTOTRBO Radios

Improve the visibility of your fleets to enhance safety and accountability.

Know Where Your Fleets Are

Know the location of your fleet of school buses, utility trucks, or any vehicle equipped with a MOTOTRBO radio in real-time. Choose to track your fleet by granular turn-by-turn updates or only during emergencies, including live notifications and alarms generated based on a vehicle’s location.

Our GPS tracking system also integrates with existing routing management systems to pass through location data as it’s received.


Fleet Management

Benefit from real-time insights to improve safety, lower operational costs, and increase productivity.


Customizable Reports & Replays

Improve route management to optimize inventory and enhance operations with effective reporting and route replays.


Integrate to Existing Systems

Utilize existing route management systems and pass through location data as it’s received.

What Our Alarm Notifications Work With

Teldio works with a variety of systems, devices, and applications to ensure streamlined alarm notifications.

GPS Tracking Options

Motorola Basic GPS, Motorola Enhanced GPS, Sprite Firmware (requires Motorola Option Board), and Sprite Box

Compatible Outputs

MOTOTRBO Radios with GPS capabilities

Supported Integrations

Teldio Edge Gateway, MOTOTRBO Emergency Alarms, MOTOTRBO Pre-set Text Messages, Milsoft, Futura, NISC, Versatrans, JSON API, and ESRI Shapefiles

Want to see how Teldio can assist you with GPS & fleet tracking?