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Teldio Edge Gateway & Avigilon

Automatically Trigger Actions Based on Real-Time Radio Tracking and Critical Event Monitoring within Avigilon Unity Video

Strengthen Avigilon Unity Video with the Teldio Edge Gateway

The Teldio Edge Gateway’s Avigilon Unity Video integration offers a bi-directional connection between Unity Video alarms and Teldio Edge Gateway events.

It leverages the powerful features and functionalities of both products to automatically trigger video actions within Avigilon Unity Video based on real-time radio location tracking and external events via Teldio Edge Gateway.


Track Critical Equipment

When critical equipment is moved or an ‘object of interest’ enters or loiters in a specific area, your connected devices can be engaged to call, text, record, monitor, report, and more.

  • Should a person be detected in an off-limits area, send a notice to the closest Avigilon camera to start recording the movements in that area.
  • When an Avigilon camera detects a forklift driving in a different direction, send a message to an alarm dashboard and notify the shift supervisor.
  • If emergency alarms are initiated, automatically trigger the Avigilon cameras installed across the facility to start recording in HD and bookmark the events.

Monitor External Events

When external events occur, ranging from sensing impact and pressure to detecting changes in temperature, air quality, or moisture, the action can trigger camera movement, video bookmarking, notifications, and more.

  • Set up automatic notifications to be sent out when a door breach is detected after hours.
  • Install door and motion sensors on doors so events can be automatically bookmarked on Avigilon for later access.
  • When a blacklisted vehicle is detected, immediately trigger Avigilon and issue alerts to emergency services and onsite security.

Critical Event Monitoring

Important events from industrial and enterprise systems, delivered through Teldio Edge Gateway, automatically trigger Unity Video camera movement, video bookmarking, tagging and overlay of specific messages onto video, providing deeper real-time visibility.


Real-Time Radio Tracking

Location, movement and emergency from a two-way radio fleet can trigger video actions such as PTZ, Zoom, and tagging to connect and automate workflows based on the changing location of your two-way radios.


Designated Area Monitoring

Specific physical area (indoor and outdoor) monitoring detected by Unity Video system analytics can trigger actions into connected systems to inform, alarm and provide automation between video, two-way radios and other systems maximizing value to end customers.


Simple Alarm Management

Eliminate the frustration of toggling between different applications across many screens and access all the information you need in one, centralized location; Avigilon Unity Video.


Extend Video Analytics

Leverage deeper insights and actionable intelligence from integrated data arriving from systems connected via Teldio Edge Gateway, to find data faster and with more context by overlay of external data into your video system.


Bilateral Communication

Teldio Edge Gateway seamlessly integrates into Unity Video systems and connects many devices, protocols, and industrial and enterprise systems. If you have specific needs we can add to our ecosystem of modules to satisfy your customer needs.


Increase Worker Safety

Real-time location tracking and monitoring of personnel, vehicles, and assets enables organizations to respond swiftly to emergencies and enhance overall safety measures.


Reduce Operational Costs

Increase cost savings by optimizing resource allocation and decreasing response times to reduce expenses due to downtime, delays, and inefficient processes.


Automate Legacy Systems

Seamlessly integrate into your existing legacy systems like re alarm panels and manufacturing equipment, transforming outdated infrastructures into responsive components connected to your surveillance system.

Increase Safety and Reduce Violence Against Employees

Enhance Emergency Response and Preparedness

Detect Staff and Vehicles in Unusual Areas

Learn how you can strengthen Avigilon Unity Video with the Teldio