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Location Tracking for MOTOTRBO Radios

Improve the visibility of your personnel and response times to enhance safety and accountability.

Know Where Your Employees Are

Track the location of your personnel while working indoors using iBeacons and customer indoor mapping to allow you to quickly find employees in an emergency or to direct the closest person to an event.

Increase Employee Safety with Teldio’s Emergency Alarms

Teldio’s indoor tracking can be paired with our emergency radio alarms to add location information to personal safety alarms and trigger location-based alarms.


Reduce Response Times

Track employee response times, escalate unanswered alarms to the next appropriate person, and more.


Monitor Restricted Areas

Put security measures in place to easily monitor restricted areas, and trigger real-time and automated alerts for increased safety.


Improve Employee Visibility

Enhance safety by identifying and resolving potential threats before they escalate and put measures in place for emergencies.

What Our Alarm Notifications Work With

Teldio works with a variety of systems, devices, and applications to ensure streamlined alarm notifications.

Compatible Outputs

MOTOTRBO Radios with Indoor Location Feature, Bluetooth Beacons with iBeacon Protocol

Supported Integrations

Teldio Edge Gateway, Motorola Fall Alert, Motorola Lone Worker, Motorola Emergency Alarms, MOTOTRBO Pre-set Text Messages

Want to see how Teldio can enhance location tracking for you?