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Teldio’s Avigilon Integration – Fun Facts

The Teldio Edge Gateway’s Avigilon Video Integration offers a bi-directional connection between ACC Alarms and Teldio Edge Gateway Events. It extends ACC’s awareness of events occurring from connected devices, digital sources, and human interaction, and extends ACC’s reach by triggering connected physical and digital devices and notifying appropriate personnel.

Did you know?

With our Avigilon Integration, you can…

  • Trigger PTZ cameras to move to presets on Alarm trigger.
  • Display ANY data/text directly on the video camera feed.
    • Truck weight scale
    • Heart rate
    • Assets in view (wheelchair, forklift, portable machine)
    • Employee in view
    • Temperature & humidity
  • Send video alarms to the appropriate individuals/groups based on conditions.
    • Radio users
    • Radio groups
    • Mix of radio users & groups
    • Email/SMS
    • Phone alerts (call a list of phone numbers)
    • PA system
  • Have users/events remotely trigger a video alarm to start recording an incident.
    • Radio user pressing a panic button/man down alarm
    • Wireless button in front lobby
    • Device being removed from its location (i.e., AED, fire extinguisher)



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