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How Cardinal Glass Increased Their Emergency Preparedness

Fast action is crucial during emergencies to save lives, limit damage, and prevent escalation. In particular, in manufacturing facilities, effective emergency preparedness is essential to ensure the safety of employees, protect assets, and minimize the impact of emergencies on operations.

Cardinal Glass, a manufacturer of advanced residential glass products, turned to Teldio to improve their emergency preparedness and response.

Real-Time Location of Employees During Emergencies

Cardinal Glass’s Rockford, Illinois manufacturing facility was equipped with a Teldio Edge Gateway (TEG) and Teldio TruFleet solution, which enables a live location view during emergencies. Should workers initiate an emergency button press, it comes through to the TEG, which then informs them of their last location via TruFleet. This is visualized on a large map in the Cardinal Glass command center, and it automatically also triggers text messages in real-time to a group of radios to alert others.

Reduced Response Times and Increased Productivity and Safety

This Teldio solution enables Cardinal Glass to track the real-time location of their workers during emergency situations, reducing response times and increasing productivity and safety.

Emergencies on manufacturing sites have the potential to escalate rapidly if not addressed promptly. Thanks to Teldio, Cardinal Glass is able to initiate swift action that can help mitigate the impact and reduce the extent of damage should emergencies occur.


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