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Teldio TruFleet Application for Schools

If you are running a fleet of school buses, you are in charge of some very “precious cargo”. Do you know where those buses are at any time? Parents would want these insights as well. If you can get that information, then why shouldn’t you be able to pass that information on to them – automatically?

If you have a Motorola two-way radio system installed in your school buses for two-way communication, you can also leverage those same radios to track your school buses on a map.

Teldio’s TruFleet application allows you to:

  • See a live view of all your buses on a map
  • Receive live speeding alerts, mileage information, route replays, door open/close events, and more.
  • Allow parents to sign up to view the location of their child’s bus.
  • Feed the location data, as its reported, in to existing routing software for better routing management.
  • Keep track of when a bus entered/existed a school zone.
  • Be notified when vehicles operate outside of operations hours.

On a rainy day, if you don’t want your kid to stand at the bus stop in the rain, you can watch the app to get an idea on how close the bus is. It’s easy to use and gives us peace of mind knowing where our children are.

Add value to your existing radio infrastructure and streamline transportation operations with Teldio’s TruFleet application. Keep children safe and parents & schools informed by tracking your buses at all times.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team for details or to arrange a demo.