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Lone Worker Monitoring

Automatically sends messages at specific time intervals to confirm workers are safe

Lone worker monitoring for your mobile workforce

Teldio’s Lone Worker (LW) periodically pings workers to verify their well-being. The app automatically sends messages at specific time intervals to confirm workers are safe. If a worker fails to respond to a Check-In request within the allocated time frame, an alarm is raised to notify the response group, who receive the alarm directly on their radio, email or mobile device.

Compatible devices:

  • MOTOTRBO Radios
Proactive Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone Worker (LW) is a cost-effective solution to periodically monitor the safety of your mobile lone workers. The application works with the Teldio Edge Gateway to monitor workers who are working alone and sends Check-In messages to your employees directly on their radios. Should a worker not respond to a Check-In message, LW triggers an alarm and notifies the response group.

LW Customization

Not every working environment is the same, that is why you can configure LW’s settings via the web interface to better monitor your employees.

Inactivity Timer: Set the number of minutes a radio can be inactive before sending a Check-In message.


Pre-alarm Timer: Set the number of minutes a radio user has to respond to a Check-In before an alarm is raised. If a response is not received after half of the timer duration, a reminder message will be sent to the radio user.


Turning LW on and off: Radio users also have the ability to turn LW on and off directly from their radios when needed allowing them to only have it activated when they are in a lone worker scenario.


When paired with Teldio TruFleet for indoor and outdoor location tracking, the radio’s last known location is also included with the alarm.

Enhanced Worker Safety

Once a Check-In message is sent a pre-alarm is activated and users have a set amount of time to respond before an alarm is raised. If a user hasn’t responded by halfway through the set time, a reminder will be sent letting them know how long they have to respond before an alarm is raised. This automatic trigger ensures a quick and streamlined response time to the unresponding lone worker.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Workers repairing broken heavy machinery
  • Security guards on patrol during the night shift
  • Maintenance engineers completing their rounds in the facility
Increased Situational Awareness

With LW’s flexible activation and deactivation options, workers, supervisors, and administrators are reassured that lone workers are never left to their own demise. It is a cost-effective solution to ensure that response personnel are notified when a lone worker fails to respond. Individuals responsible to respond to these alarms are contacted on the device of their choice: cell phone, email or radio.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Campus security guards on patrol need backup
  • Construction workers completing jobs in hazardous site need help
  • Workers in lab completing tests with hazardous chemicals have a chemical spill
System Architecture

LW is a software application installed on a Teldio Edge Gateway. The Teldio Edge Gateway interfaces to a radio system using control station(s). The system design allows to periodically monitor mobile workers by sending them Check-In messages directly to their radios. LW automatically signals the response group via AMS when a LW alarm is triggered.

Compatible Radios

Teldio’s LW is compatible with all DMR display portables & mobiles that support text messaging. The following MOTOTRBO radio network modes are supported:

  • Simplex Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Capacity Max