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Safety Solutions

Proactive lone worker / man down monitoring for your workforce

Injuries and accidents are an unfortunate part of the workplace that can occur at any time. The time it takes to notify the correct people with the right information can drastically reduce response times and make life saving differences. With safety solutions for users that carry MOTOTRBO radios, you can protect your workforce by using a variety of different solutions.

Did you know? You can tie a location into Man Down / Lone Worker alarms by integrating with TruFleet.


  • Detect the tilt or the lack of movement of a radio to generate an emergency message.
  • Press a button on a radio to raise a discrete alarm.
  • Receive triggers from Motorola’s Emergency systems.


  • Notify radios and a variety of other devices as the alarm occurs.
  • Pair a safety solution with Teldio’s location tracking software to include location information in notifications.