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What’s New and Exciting at Teldio

Happy 2023! It’s a new year, with many new opportunities, and we thought we’d share what’s new and exciting here at Teldio:

  • Keep your mobile workforce informed with real-time broadcast notifications. Best of all, Broadcast Application is now part of all new Alarm Management System purchases.
  • Injuries and accidents are an unfortunate part of the workplace that can occur at any time. With our Safety Solutions, proactively monitor and protect your workforce. Did you know? You can tie a location into Man Down / Lone Worker alarms by integrating with TruFleet.
  • Track and manage vehicles and assets indoors and outdoors in real-time with our GPS / Indoor Tracking & Fleet Management solutions.
  • ICYMI, Teldio is a proud Avigilon Technology Partner. Details on our Avigilon Integration are online, but we’re always happy to set up a demo.
  • Radio to Radio recording is now supported via our TruDispatch Record solution, which enables users to monitor or playback recordings from the TruDispatch Record client.
  • RIP RBX. We said goodbye to our RBX Application. This means we no longer sell it. However, we are still supporting existing systems. Why? We made room for new and exciting things to come – some which are mentioned above. To find out more, come see our team at the CPE show in February…

Come see us at CPE!


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