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Webinar: HotSOS API Integration

Webinar: HotSOS API Integration

Here is the recording of our latest webinar focused on our HotSOS API Integration!

The webinar covers the easy implementation, radio integrations, flexible messaging and more.

HotSOS Overview

We begin the webinar with an overview of HotSOS.

HotSOS is a cloud-based hotel work ticketing system which processes guest requests, incidents and preventive hotel maintenance. The platform is installed in over 70% of global hotel brands and Teldio is a proud HotSOS integration.

Easy Configuration

We then jump into the HotSOS API Integration is configuration.

Teldio’s HotSOS API Integration works with the Teldio Gateway to enable communication between radios and the HotSOS platform. It is an easy implementation process for the end user with all configuration being done within HotSOS including:

  • Radio Users
  • Radio Groups
  • HotSOS Teams

Radio Integration

Next, we dive into all the radio integrations supported within the HotSOS API Integration.

Supported Outputs

  • Motorola Radio Text
  • Motorola Job Tickets
  • Teldio Smart Tickets
  • XPR 7550(e)/SL 7550(e)
  • Requires Option Board

Teldio Smart Tickets

As a user accepts a ticket from their device the HotSOS API Integration will automatically update the ticket’s status for the remaining group members’ radios.

Motorola Job Tickets and Text Messages

Statuses are not updated on other radios as a user accepts or rejects a task. Users also have no indication if tickets are accepted, resolved, or closed by other users.

Streamlined Communication

We then move onto the radio communication features of the HotSOS API Integration.


  • Does not require ARS
  • HotSOS will retry sending the message until a radio acknowledgment has been received.

Sign In/Sign Out

  • Users can pick up any radio and sign in with their HotSOS Employee ID

Flexible Messaging

Lastly, we go over the different messaging options associated with the HotSOS API Integration.

Messages which require a response

For messages which require a response (start, stop, completed), users can use Teldio Smart Tickets (Tickets in HotSOS).

  • Example: “Bring fresh towels to room 333”

Messages which do not require a response

For messages which do not require a response, users can use Radio Texts (Memos in HotSOS).

  • Example: “Come to the front desk”

Webinar Recording

We had a great turnout and want to thank everyone who attended! For those of you who couldn’t make, below is a recording of the webinar. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the HotSOS API Integration please contact our sales team today!

Check out the webinar recording below.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming webinars and we hope to see you at our next one!