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Utilities Company Increases Worker Safety With Teldio Man Down Detection

A US based utilities company was looking to increase safety of their remote workers.

The objective?

  • Proactively monitoring remote workers to be able to identify if they have suffered a fall or accident.

How was the objective achieved?

Teldio Man Down Notifier (MDN) was installed across all locations to track the workers’ portable radios. A notification was dispatched to the appropriate response group when the radios’ option board accelerometers (motion sensors) detected lack of movement, horizontal tilt or both.

Pre-alarm tones were issued for 20 seconds, which users could cancel in case of false alarms. In the event of no cancellation, an alarm was raised by:

  • Sending a radio text message to the security group.
  • Calling the local security office (and escalating further to the supervisor and HQ security) with a prerecorded message, providing details on which radio raised the MDN alarm and instructions on calling them back.
  • Using RBX, phone users could dial an extension to reach the person who raised the MDN alarm. The call to that single extension would ring on both of the user’s devices (portable and mobile), and the radio user could pick up the call via any of the devices.
  • MDN’s rich functionality, including tilt recalibration, sleep timer and pre-alarm configuration, significantly reduced the number of false alarms while ensuring mobile workers were protected.

The results?

Thanks to Teldio’s Man Down Notifier, the utilities company successfully increased worker safety across all locations. Interested in learning more about MDN? Watch our MDN application video for further details.

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