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US National Parks Increase Safety and Reliability

Major US national parks were looking to improve their procedures to save time and money as well as to increase the safety of staff and guests.

The objective?

  • Implementation of an automated solution that would allow rangers at major US national parks to monitor motion, presence and occupation of remote building facilities with the ability to control access to those facilities remotely in a safe and automatic fashion.
  • Previously, this task was done by staff driving out to every location and manually unlocking and locking the facilities at set times. This proved to be a very time-consuming process.

How were the objectives achieved?

  • Using the Teldio Edge Gateway, a radio network was added to each location and telemetry was used to control the remote buildings.

The results?

  • Rangers were able to set daily schedules for the doors, such as opening every day at 9:00 am and closing every evening at 6:00 pm. Set reservations were also added to allow for one time events.
  • Another feature added was, if a door was open when it was set to be closed, a message would be sent alerting the staff. This helped decrease vandalism and increase overall park safety.

The solution saved our rangers time and provided safety and reliability for park visitors. We now have the ability to easily manage everything from our web browsers, which was previously a very time consuming process.

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