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Two-way Voice & Dispatching Applications

Two-way Voice & Dispatching Applications

Teldio offers two voice applications to help organizations increase productivity, enhance worker safety and security, reduce operational costs, improve training materials, and increase accountability. Teldio also offers one dispatching applications to help organizations increase productivity, situational awareness, and accountability. Each application offers a unique solution which can be tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Telephone Interconnect

RBX is an advanced telephone interconnect designed to allow radio users to make and receive private and group phone calls directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radios.

Radio to Radio Recording

R2R is a simple radio recording solution that allows network administrators to record, log and playback any radio talkgroup calls on their radio network.

TruDispatch Console

Streamline communication between employees in the field and the head office with the TruDispatch Console (TDC).