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TruFleet is Now iBeacon Compatible for Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

TruFleet is Now iBeacon Compatible for Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

We’re happy to announce that our GPS & AVL monitoring solution TruFleet™, is now iBeacon compatible for indoor locating and tracking.

iBeaconBringing all your customers’ positioning needs together in one application, Trufleet’s integrated GPS & iBeacon Bluetooth solution, tracks and monitors users from anywhere, anytime.TruFleet provides indoor location data using strategically placed wireless Bluetooth iBeacons. With a range of up to 100 feet, the radio pairs with beacons at known locations & displays the user’s location on the web browser. iBeacons can be purchased directly from Motorola.



Indoor Positioning
  • Clear, multi-floor monitoring
  • Place beacons throughout the building, entrance/exit, or critical areas
  • Easily import building floor plans in JPEG or PNG format
Outdoor Positioning
  • The GPS tracking system puts you in the passenger seat of every vehicle
  • Web-based mapping tiles can be configured through Open Street Maps or Google Maps


TruFleet_ Indoor_OutdoorSeamless Indoor & Outdoor Positioning
When leaving a Bluetooth area & going outdoors, MOTOTRBO E-Series radios seamlessly switch from pairing with iBeacons to GPS monitoring. TruFleet records the user’s whereabouts, as well as the date and time of the radio’s movements for historical playback.


TruFleet_Detailed ReportsDetailed Reports & Location-Based Alarms
By tracking a user/vehicle’s whereabouts, mobile users’ personal safety can be monitored, location-based alarms can be triggered, and comprehensive reports can be generated to optimize efficiency.


Do your customers want an easy-to-use, indoor & outdoor positioning solution?
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