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The Power of TruFleet GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

Track and manage vehicles and assets indoors and outdoors in real-time

You already know about TruFleet and how it can track radio location natively, via the Sprite app or Sprite box, but did you know that TruFleet also allows parents to track their children’s school bus?

TruFleet GPS tracking puts you in the seat of every vehicle. See every turn, stop, and location in real time or play back historical data as needed. The robust platform allows users to track vehicles with radios and radio users using GPS when outdoors and iBeacon Bluetooth technology when indoors. Using a rich and intuitive mapping display, TruFleet shows the device’s location on a web browser accessible from any desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

And there’s more…

Integration to 3rd party systems

While TruFleet has a feature rich UI, some companies and schools have their own mapping systems such as Versatrans, NISC, Milsoft, or Futura on which they would like to see the Radio GPS data. TruFleet can facilitate that.

With just an IP connection and a user account setup, where needed, live radio GPS data can be sent to your 3rd party systems. TruFleet can also output a XML based location feed via IP to which your mapping service can integrate.

ESRI map layers

Customized information embedded in ESRI Map layers in Shapefile format is a very valuable way to add customer specific information to a map. If your company already has these ESRI Shapefiles, you can import them into your TruFleet UI very easily.

School Bus Tracking

With TruFleet, parents can pull up the location of their child’s school bus in real-time via phone, tablet or computer. The web app works alongside TruFleet which tracks GPS-enabled MOTOTRBO radios.

What are some other use cases?

With TruFleet, you can quickly and easily see where your vehicles and assets are at all times. Locate subscribers in real-time and redirect them from traffic, accidents or provide them with new orders. Also, automate mileage collection, create more efficient routes or find the closest vehicle to a customer to improve overall productivity and efficiency.

Want to learn more about TruFleet? Contact us today for details and to arrange a demo.