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Protect Assets with Temperature Sensor Controls

Leveraging the power of both the Teldio Edge Gateway and Avigilon Control Center (ACC), Teldio video solutions extend the power of video analytic events by triggering actions from a wide range of external systems.

Input Protocol: Temperature Sensors

Data centers are uniquely susceptible to the risks of heat. To protect their assets and prevent the data center equipment from overheating, a business requested the installation of a Teldio video solution. If the temperature levels in the data center reach the set threshold, the sensors trigger an alert to the Teldio Edge Gateway, which communicates with Avigilon ACC to initiate camera recordings of the corresponding equipment. Simultaneously, the Teldio Edge Gateway can also send a radio text message to engineering staff to alert them of the incident.

To better protect our equipment, we needed to upgrade our system to be able to find the cause of the incidents. Receiving immediate alerts is important, but the camera recordings provide increased peace of mind to allow us to further improve our operations and protect our assets.

The Teldio Edge Gateway is key to bridging the power of ACC and the power of our IoT connected world, bringing a wide variety of new functionality that ACC can leverage.

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