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Employee Panic Badge Enhancing Hospitality Operations

Front desk staff are often the first to spot suspicious behavior in a hotel’s lobby or public area, but what happens then? How can they raise the alarm in a subtle fashion to not endanger themselves? What steps can be taken to protect assets and make facilities safer? A Teldio video solution incorporating employee panic badges is the answer. When staff press badge buttons to notify of suspicious behavior, the badges trigger an alert to the Teldio Edge Gateway, which communicates with Avigilon ACC to engage the camera closest to the event, tag the video and start recording at high resolution. The Teldio Edge Gateway can also send a radio text to security and SMS messages to supervisors to alert them of the incident.

Ensuring our staff and guests are safe is our top priority! Teldio video solution enables us to react quickly and efficiently to suspicious behavior without putting our staff at risk. And in the event that criminal activity takes place, we have high quality video evidence to share with the authorities.

Leveraging the power of both the Teldio Edge Gateway and Avigilon Control Center (ACC), Teldio video solutions extend the power of video analytic events by triggering actions from a wide range of external systems.

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