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Teldio TruFleet Plus – YS Campaign

Teldio TruFreet Plus and Avtec. The perfect solution for safer radio tracking, messaging and alerting.

Strengthen your Avtec dispatching solution with Teldio TruFleet Plus by enabling accurate location tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments, real-time messaging capabilities, and automated alarm management — all accessible within your Avtec Scout Console. 

How Teldio TruFleet Plus works:
Teldio TruFleet Plus is available directly within Avtec Scout Consoles. By providing all information in a single pane of glass users can seamlessly enable visual and mapped location tracking, alarm management and notifications, and real-time messaging.

Teldio TruFleet Plus: Real-Time Indoor and Outdoor Location Tracking, Messaging and Alarm Management for Two-Way Radios within the Avtec Scout Console.

Application Overload

Tired of navigating multiple applications and computer screens to manage your dispatching needs?

Teldio TruFleet Plus eliminates the frustration of toggling between different applications across many screens. Easily access all the information you need in one, centralized location; your Avtec Scout Console. Say goodbye to the complexity of managing separate tools and streamline your workflows with a unified solution, improving operational efficiency and simplifying communication.

Organizational Blindspots

Unable to quickly and accurately find your employees’ or assets’ precise location?

Teldio TruFleet Plus enables you to pinpoint the location of your employees and assets in real-time, both indoors and outdoors, using the radio network. Quickly find their locations on a Teldio TruFleet Plus map in your Avtec Scout Console. Ensure swift responses to emergencies and critical situations, enhancing employee safety, improving asset management, and decreasing response times.

Delayed Response Times

Delayed response times to emergencies and critical situations?

Teldio TruFleet Plus enables you to obtain crucial alarm information promptly. Swiftly access all alarm details from your access control systems, fire panels, sensors, panic buttons, and more, directly in your Avtec Scout Console. Ensure a more agile and effective approach to managing alarms in your dispatching operations, streamlining your response process, minimizing delays, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Teldio TruFleet Plus Features

RBX allows radios to adopt features similar to those on a smartphone.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Accurately track the location of employees, assets, and vehicles, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Streamlined Alarm Management: Send and manage alarms from your access control systems, fire panels, sensors, panic buttons, and more, directly in your Avtec Scout Console.
  • Customizable Mapping: Teldio TruFleet Plus gives you the option to import your own indoor and outdoor standard-based maps, enabling a familiar visual view of your campus, facility, and environment.
  • Accurate Data History: Teldio TruFleet Plus enables you to store, replay, and report on all past location history.
  • Radio Messaging: Easily send messages to your employees within your Avtec Scout Console.
  • Simple Deployment: Teldio TruFleet Plus is installed directly into your Avtec Scout Console, seamlessly integrating and adhering to Scout custom window configurations based on customer preferences and workflows, making the deployment process quick and easy.
  • High Scalability: Teldio TruFleet Plus works with your existing radio system, with the ability to handle thousands of radios and grow with your company’s needs.
Enhanced Safety and Security

Visual, real-time location tracking and monitoring of personnel, vehicles, and assets, both indoors and outdoors, enables organizations to respond swiftly to emergencies and enhance overall safety measures.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Effective resource management allows organizations to streamline operations by optimizing asset allocation, reducing response times, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Reduced Costs

 Improve operational efficiency to increase cost savings by optimizing resource allocation and response times to reduce unnecessary expenses associated with downtime, delays, and inefficient processes.

Use Case #1: Outdoor tracking
Problem: Need to know the accurate, real-time location of fleets

A utility company with locations spread across the state didn’t have a way of knowing the location of its radio fleet. Dispatchers had to reference a map with information specific to the utility company and spent extra time gathering information about the location of users when they called in and requested assistance.

Solution: How Teldio TruFleet Plus solved the problem

Now, the full fleet of utility trucks are tracked on a map as users move through their day-to-day tasks. The map with information specific to the company is overlaid on the Teldio TruFleet Plus map which is seamlessly integrated into the dispatch console. The dispatcher can easily click on a user on the map to start a voice call with them or send them a text message.

Outcome: A unified, real-time view of all assets and vehicles

The dispatchers have a unified, live view of all their assets and vehicles with
important company-specific information overlaid, as they perform service calls leading to more accountability, better metrics, and operational savings.

Use Case #2: Real-Time Indoor Asset Tracking and Equipment Monitoring
Problem: Need to decrease downtime and track assets

When mechanical issues occurred, the manufacturing plant was notified on their dispatch console but they did not have a way to know where the experts closest to that issue were. This resulted in inefficient operations and slow response times. The dispatchers also had to manually notify all involved personnel.

Solution: How Teldio TruFleet Plus solved the problem

Now, the plant’s machine panels automatically send text and audio alerts to employees’ radios when an issue occurs, while simultaneously tracking each radio within the facility using their existing Aruba/HP access points.

Outcome: Reduced response times and increased employee safety

The manufacturing plant has reduced its downtime and increased visibility into its
assets, leading to operational efficiency.

Use Case #3: Real-Time Location of Employees During Emergencies
Problem: Need to improve emergency preparedness and response times

When an emergency occurred, the dispatcher received an emergency notification on their console but they did not know the location of employees who needed help, delaying emergency response times.

Solution: How Teldio TruFleet Plus solved the problem

Now, when a worker initiates an emergency button press or their radio detects an emergency, the dispatcher receives the emergency, and the location is displayed in real-time within the dispatch console giving the dispatcher a unified view and working pane for handling all emergencies.

Outcome: Improved Operational Efficiency and Asset Monitoring


The manufacturing plant is now able to track the real-time location of its employees during emergencies to enhance safety and decrease response times.