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Teldio TruFleet Application for Universities

Did you know? If you have a Motorola two-way radio system installed for communication among your university’s various departments and personnel, you can leverage those same radios to know the whereabouts of your employees during an emergency or school event.

Teldio’s TruFleet application allows you to:

  • See a live view of all your employees on a map, or set it up so that you only see their location during an emergency.
  • During an emergency, quickly locate the security and law enforcement personnel nearest to an event to dispatch them to the location.
  • Track important assets that are outfitted with a radio, such as carts or campus vehicles to ensure their safety, and be notified when they move outside of their designated areas.
  • Record and replay the movements of personnel during an event for auditing and training purposes.
  • Feed the location data, as it is reported, into existing mapping software for consolidated asset management.
  • Be notified immediately when an employee is in distress and receive a text notification with their location information on your smart device, computer or radio (requires the Teldio AMS solution).

Teldio’s TruFleet solution was quick to install and it’s easy to use, giving us peace of mind knowing that students and staff are safe – all utilizing infrastructure we already had in place.

Add value to your existing radio infrastructure and daily operations. Improve student & staff safety and emergency response times with Teldio’s TruFleet application.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team for details or to arrange a demo.