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Teldio TruDispatch

Streamline communication between dispatchers and radio users.

Seamlessly Bridge Communication Between Dispatchers and Radio Users

Teldio TruDispatch bridges communication between MOTOTRBO radio users and dispatchers in real-time using a rich and intuitive desktop client to keep your team in constant communication and enable seamless collaboration, whether they are in the oce or in the eld.

Customizable Interface

Provide dispatchers with quick access to frequent users, talkgroups, and channels to adapt to your operational requirements.

Playback & Archiving

Automatically record and log all conversations for future use. Recordings can be easily searched and filtered.

Emergency Alarms

Radio users can easily send emergency notifications to TruDispatch and dispatchers can broadcast emergency calls to all radios.

Learn how Teldio can streamline communication between dispatchers and mobile radio users.

Connecting Dispatchers to the Mobile Workforce Via Two-Way Radios

From a single intuitive display, dispatchers have the ability to monitor or initiate voice conversations with radio users and talkgroups. Text messages can also be sent back and forth between the voice dispatcher and handsets to relay information as needed.

Private & Group Calls

Dispatchers can broadcast onto the radio network and make and receive private calls to targeted radio users and talkgroups.

Text Messages

Radio users can stay up-to-date by receiving important information and instructions via radio text messages.

Radio Channel Monitoring

Dispatchers can select which radio channels to monitor and automatically hear and record all associated radio traffic.

Easily Record, Log, and Playback Radio Calls

Teldio TruDispatch also offers a simple radio recording solution that records and logs MOTOTRBO radio talkgroup conversations and provides playback access to administrators with the appropriate permissions.

The application only records voice transmissions, so dead air is never captured. Recording goes unnoticed by radio users and the application remains seamlessly integrated to the radio network.

Learn how Teldio TruDispatch can streamline communication between dispatchers and radio users