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Teldio Team Retreat and Bi-Annual Meeting

Teldio Team Retreat and Bi-Annual Meeting

Last week our team took a few days to reflect on our past initiatives, plan for the second half of the year, and most importantly, spend time together as a team!

Meetings, Planning, Conquering

We started our week off in the office with team meetings. During these meetings, we summarized the strategies explored in the last 6 months and devised an action plan for the coming 6 months, as a team. We value everyone’s opinion and these meetings allow us all to get on the same page and help plan for where we are headed as a company.

These meetings also allow us to break out of our day-to-day schedules and come together as a team. We value this process and believe it has prepared and focused us on the priorities for the months ahead.


The Great Escape

Mid-week we decided to move our meetings outside of the office and head up to a cottage. The cars were packed with tasty meals, cold beverages, and fun activities.

The first evening commenced with a delicious spaghetti and meatball dinner prepared by our accountant and resident chef. Once we cleaned our plates we jumped right into board games, outdoor sports, and relaxing.

The following morning the entire team woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and delicious breakfast which our fearless leaders had prepared for the team. We then jumped into reviewing what worked and didn’t throughout the year, and strategizing and planning for the year ahead.

Spending this time together as a team brought us closer, deepened our relationships and reconnected us as a team. Many laughs were shared and stories swapped. We are looking forward to the next few months and what our team has in store!