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Teldio Solutions Fully Compatible with R7 and ION Radios

Teldio has a suite of applications that allow you to use your radio to receive and raise alarms and events, track location indoor and outdoors, dispatch and record audio.

As Motorola Solutions moves away from the XPR and SL 7000 series radios, we want to let you know that all Teldio applications are fully compatible with the R7 and ION radios.

What exactly does that mean?

Good news! You can use your R7 and ION radios to:

  • Raise an emergency alarm and have it turn on a strobe light.
  • Initiate a panic alarm and have an Avigilon camera pan to that location.
  • Receive production line alarms as a radio text message – or as an SMS or email message on your ION radio.
  • Track the location of your security staff to know who is closest to an emergency.
  • Receive a phone call sent via a mass notification system.
  • Send a message to control gates and doors.
  • Initiate an alarm when the radio enters a secure area.
  • Manage work tickets and tasks.
  • Discreetly initiate a PA message during unexpected emergencies.
  • Receive messages generated from wearable tech as an audio message.
  • … and much more!

Contact our team today to learn about how you can enhance the value of your Motorola Radios including the new R7 and ION radios.