Take advantage of Teldio's experience and proven record to increase your revenue. Let us help you build solutions for your Motorola radio customers that drive operational efficiencies, digital transformation, and employee safety.

Tackle your customers' hardest fleet tracking problems with Teldio!

Let us show you how TruFleet is the best GPS fleet tracking solution for your business by scheduling a demo with one of our experts.

  • Better solve customers’ problems with solution sales.
  • Sell to a new customer base by adding functionality to digital two-way radios.
  • Increase your average deal size and margins with the sale of applications.
  • Differentiate yourself from other radio manufacturers.
  • Compete at a higher level with alternative solutions to two-way radios (WIFI, DECT, Nextel, cell phones).
  • Unlock opportunities for upsell to current install base
  • Reap the benefits of repeat sales with applications.

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Why sell Teldio fleet tracking products?


TruFleet integrates perfectly with several popular systems including industry standard AVTEC, now vailable for purchase directly from Motorola Solutions.


With a suite of powerful, mature products - Teldio TruFleet, Teldio Edge Gateway and Teldio TruDispatch - we provide robust and well supported solutions for the growing location tracking and fleet management industry.

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