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Teldio Applications Are Now Compatible with Capacity Max Networks

Teldio Applications Are Now Compatible with Capacity Max Networks

We’re excited to announce that Teldio applications are now compatible with Motorola Solutions’ Capacity Max systems.

Our development team has been hard at work ensuring that our voice & data applications are fully operational and accessible to organizations of all sizes. We’ve enhanced the capability of our product line and ensured its fully operational in Motorola Solutions’ Capacity Max radio systems and solutions.

What is Motorola Solutions’ Capacity Max?

Capacity Max is Motorola Solutions’ newest radio network mode. Making it easy for customers to grow their system as their needs change, Capacity Max brings its users a fully trunked system with enhanced functionality and expandability.

Here are the main features of Capacity Max:

  • Scalable up to 250 sites with up to 15 voice and data repeaters and 6 additional data-only repeaters per site, Capacity Max provides high-quality connectivity for up to 3,000 users at each location.
  • A trunked radio system, it’s built on a distributed architecture for voice and data. Control is centralized, but traffic routing is optimized to minimize cost and maximize performance.
  • Capacity Max has a fast, responsive user experience, with robust performance under load and rapid, smooth roaming across sites.
  • Using standardized infrastructure, users can migrate to Capacity Max from a MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus or Connect Plus system and reuse their earlier investment.
  • Capacity Max has many layers of redundancy so that no single failure can bring a system down. All voice, data, and control traffic within the IP network is encrypted and all radios are securely authenticated.

Teldio MOTOTRBO™ Applications

Teldio voice & data applications increase the capabilities of two-way radios far beyond traditional voice communications. Adding Capacity Max compatible solutions to the application portfolio provides more customers with access to reliable, easy to install, MOTOTRBO applications addressing productivity, improved worker safety, and situational awareness while reducing overhead costs.

Teldio Applications Compatible with Capacity Max include:


  • RBX – Telephone Interconnect
  • R2R – Radio to Radio Recording
  • MDN – Man Down Notifier
  • ACS – Alarm Control & Panic Button Solution
  • RTLS – Indoor & Outdoor Positioning
  • CLW – Centralized Lone Worker
  • TruFleet – GPS Tracking & Fleet Management
  • TruDispatch – Dispatch Console

Plans to include Email Gateway to our suite of Capacity Max compatible applications are well underway. Development will be completed by late 2017.

Do you have a Capacity Max system and want to enhance your radios with Teldio applications? Contact us for further information.