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Strengthening Security with Avigilon and Teldio: Motion Detection to Radio Alert

With safety and security at the forefront for businesses, Teldio’s integration with Avigilon enhances your video surveillance capabilities by offering a bi-directional connection between Unity Video alarms and Teldio events.

Motion Detection

One example of this is when your Avigilon Unity Video systems detects motion.

Avigilon ensures your premises are under constant observation using their advanced cameras and motion detection capabilities. Whether it’s a bustling retail store, a large manufacturing facility, or a corporate office, Avigilon’s cameras ensure that every space is under constant observation.

The true power of this integration happens when motion is detected. Instantaneously, the Avigilon system notifies you to potential security breaches. Whether it’s an unauthorized individual trespassing or a suspicious activity unfolding, the system ensures that no event goes unnoticed.

Automatic Notifications via the Teldio Integration

With the addition of the Teldio integration you can take it one step further. Upon detection of motion, not only does the Avigilon system notifies you, but Teldio ensures that the entire team is instantly informed. Through radio audio alerts or customizable notifications tailored to specific operational needs, Teldio ensures that every member of the team is equipped to respond swiftly and effectively.

Imagine a scenario where an intruder is detected in a restricted area. Within seconds, security personnel receive a radio alert specifying the exact location of the intrusion. Simultaneously, supervisors and relevant security personnel receive notifications on their preferred devices, enabling them to coordinate a prompt response.

This seamless integration of video motion detection with real-time communication capabilities empowers businesses to proactively address security incidents, mitigating risks and minimizing potential damages. Whether it’s preventing theft, ensuring employee safety, or safeguarding critical assets, Avigilon and Teldio provide a robust solution that adapts to the evolving security landscape.

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