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Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners

Teldio has partnered with industry-leading developers and innovators to deliver top-tier, end-to-end solutions to our customers in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Motorola Certified Application Developer

Motorola Solutions, Inc. has been at the forefront of communication innovations for nearly 80 years. Teldio has partnered with Motorola to develop apps for their best-in-class professional digital two-way radios MOTOTRBO™. All Teldio applications work seamlessly with the MOTOTRBO™ platform and have built-in features that are unique to this line of digital two-way radios.

Mitel Networks Affiliate Company

Mitel Networks is a market leader for voice, video, and data convergence over broadband networks. Teldio is a Mitel Strategic Partner. The RBX +Plus works seamlessly with the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform, leveraging the platform to deliver vertical-specific solutions.

Tallysman Distribution Partner

Tallysman Wireless is a leading developer of Telematics and tracking applications for two-way radio networks and a manufacturer of global positioning components. Teldio is a distribution partner for Tallysman’s fleet management application Trufleet™ and TruDispatch Console for MOTOTRBO™ radio networks.

Enterprise Wireless Alliance

EWA is the leading national association for business enterprise wireless users, and for the manufacturers, resellers and communication sales & service providers. As a member of EWA, Teldio has access to the experience and knowledge of experts providing guidance regarding spectrum and wireless technology access.

Wesley Clover Angel Investor

Wesley Clover is in the business of building businesses. As an angel investor in technology start-ups, Wesley Clover has developed a unique model that leverages the experience and knowledge of a veteran management team while creating career and business opportunities for graduates and experienced professionals.

SMC Distribution Partner

SMC specializes in communication solutions worldwide for the military, emergency services, broadcast and commercial industries. They combine their in-depth knowledge and expertise with advanced design and manufacturing technologies to provide high quality, reliable product solutions on time.

VPPPA Affiliate Member

The Voluntary Protection Programs Participants’ Association is North America’s leading organization dedicated to occupational safety and environmental management systems with a direct link to the OSHA. Teldio, aligned with the VPPPA’s mandate of enhancing worker safety and security, has joined the association as an affiliate member.

Alacrity Global Ecosystem Member

The Alacrity Global Ecosystem is a global initiative. The model varies based on regional requirements, but the vision remains the same: enable young business leaders to create world-beating new companies with the support of key local and international resources. Teldio is a proud member of the Alacrity global ecosystem.