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Teldio’s Staff Retreat & Annual Meeting

Teldio’s Staff Retreat & Annual Meeting

Last week the Teldio team took some time to socialize, reflect on the year’s activities, and most importantly enjoy each other’s company. A great time for everyone!

A relatively new tradition to Teldio, the week brought our entire team together to share our successes and re-evaluate our goals, objectives, and plan of attack for the new fiscal year. Our time together as a team has made us stronger, more prepared and focused on the priorities agreed to for the year ahead. Here’s a short breakdown of the week’s activities:

Cottage in Tremblant

While everyone arrived in Ottawa Monday, we headed up to Mont Tremblant early Tuesday morning. The cars were packed with tasty meals, cold beverages, and fun activities. We jumped right into the swing of things with a review of our FY17 successes and learnings then quickly moved onto the fun stuff – board games, outdoor sports, arm wrestling competition (we let our CEO Carl win), cards and relaxing.

The evening commenced with a company-wide Teldio trivia game, followed by a delicious barbecue chicken & rib dinner and wrapped up with a few more games and dips in the hot tub.

The entire cottage woke up early Wednesday morning to an aromatic breakfast prepared by our CEO Carl. Eating as a team, almost like a family and out of the routine hustle and bustle of the regular work environment many laughs were had, and relationships deepened. It was a great time to reconnect and relax.


Meetings & Plan of Attack

Fun was had by all, but now it was the time to buckle down and get back to work. Thursday and Friday were spent reviewing what worked and didn’t throughout the year, strategizing and planning for the year ahead. All teams are now armed with a clear plan on what needs to happen in the next 365 days and how we’re going to get there.

A full week together gave the team a great opportunity to focus on the future and agree how we scale our business on all fronts moving forward. Overall, it was a very successful Annual Meeting to wrap up an equally successful year. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for Teldio!