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Release Notes May

Release Notes May

Release Notes

The Teldio Development Team is proud to announce the release of several new enhancements and features to our suite of applications. The Release Notes below contain the information you will need to keep your customers up-to-date on the latest & greatest MOTOTRBO™ applications.

RBX_Front_PageNEW: Continuous Contact List
The RBX contact list is now a continuous list that can be scrolled through similar to the Radio contact list.

ENHANCEMENT: Restart Services
Users can now restart Teldio services with one click.

ENHANCEMENT: Configuration Menu
Changes were made to the Configuration Menu to streamline new & current features.

NEW: Create Emails from Job Tickets
Users now have the ability to create an email from the radio using Motorola Job Tickets & Templates.


NEW: CSV Reports
Generate a report in .csv format for location reports in indoor areas and outdoor geofences.

NEW: Route Replays now available for GPS Users 
Replay an outdoor user’s location history directly on the map.

NEW: Custom Icons
Users can now create custom icons for on-screen users. An automatic icon also identifies who is being tracked via Teldio’s CLW application.

ACS_Front_PageNEW: Smart Ticket Folders
Users can now customize Smart Ticket replies and folder names.

NEW: Android App Connects to Mobile Data Networks
The ACS Android App now works over mobile data networks. Users can raise or receive alarm(s) from anywhere in the world.

NEW: Android App Supports Teldio’s CLW
Teldio’s ACS Android App now supports Teldio’s Centralized Lone Worker (CLW) application. Mobile workers can be periodically pinged on their Android device to verify their well-being.

NEW: MOTOTRBO Emergency Event Alarm
Radio users can now raise an ACS alarm from a MOTOTRBO Emergency Event.

NEW: Telemetry Alarms
ACS can now send Pulse Telemetry signals to a radio in the event of an ACS alarm.


NEW: Screen View – Minimal & Always on Top Modes
With these two new views, users can run TruDispatch in ‘Minimal Mode’ and do other work while conversing with users and/or enable ‘Always on Top’ mode so that the TruDispatch client is never hidden behind other windows.

NEW: Notes
Dispatchers & supervisors can now add notes to a recorded conversation.

NEW: Additional Security Features
TruDispatch users now have the option to hide the Server IP & Remember Password options for additional security.

NEW: Call Panel Size
Useful for instances with a high number of channels, users can now change the size of the Call Panels to make them better fit on a screen.


NEW: Access Offline Maps 
Support for offline maps via GMapCatcher maps.

NEW: Connect Plus Motorola Emergency Reporting 
With the addition of a control station, TruFleet supports Motorola Emergency reporting on Connect Plus

NEW: Route Replay Exports
Admins can now export a route replay report in KML file format for Google Earth or GPX (GPS Exchange Format) for improved audit purposes and printing.

NEW: Detailed Route Replays
TruFleet can now show a Heat Map or Path on the route replay for more detailed interpretations of both indoor and outdoor routes.

NEW: Customize Vehicle Labels
Tailor the vehicle labels on the display map to show information such as speed, time, name, sprite event and other data in real-time.

R2R_Front_PageNEW: Channel Specification
Identify a single channel to be the one to record any All Call transmissions. Users can also specify a channel as either Conventional or Trunking which allows the recording of multiple different Radio Network Modes with one R2R instance.

ENHANCEMENT: Record to Networked Locations
Back up your recordings by auto-saving to a networked location in addition to local storage.

The enhancements we’ve just added will help you provide an even better experience for your end customers. Please contact our Support Team for more information about updating your current software.

Teldio Support Team