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When cell phones fall short, digital radios with apps keep going!

When cell phones fall short, digital radios with apps keep going!

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When an emergency arises – from an injured employee to a fire alarm – you need to connect your workers wherever they are located. Think you can depend on cell phones for reliable communications? Think again.

For all they offer in the way of convenience, cell phones have notable drawbacks* when compared with two-way radios in an enterprise setting. Radios…

  • Are available during emergencies when cell towers are overloaded
  • Have a 50% lower total cost of ownership over a five-year period
  • Don’t have coverage gaps or poor signal strength
  • Have a longer battery life
  • Add applications to improve employee safety & security

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Radios Outperform Cell Phones 

  • CONNECTIVITY – Relay critical information & instructions to a large group of users with the push of a button.
  • SECURE NETWORK – Operating on an independent network, radios are dependable & ensure communication lines are always open.
  • PURPOSE DRIVEN – Radios keep employees focused. Average call duration is 10-30 seconds.
  • GROUP COMMUNICATIONS – Users can easily communicate one-on-one or with entire groups.
  • CLARITY – Enterprise grade noise cancelling technology.


Radio with appsTurn Your Radio into a Smartradio with Apps

Radios can be transformed into multi-functioning devices with the addition of Teldio applications. Turn your radio into a phone, receive & manage alarms, protect lone workers from falls or accidents, and locate them at any time.

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Learn More About Radios & Apps!
See how applications for two-way radios can transform your mobile communications & enhance your workers’ safety