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Radio Panic Buttons Triggering Cameras to Increase Safety: Teldio’s Avigilon Integration

As businesses continuously look for ways to improve safety and security, Teldio’s integration with Avigilon strengthens your video surveillance capabilities. The integration offers a bi-directional connection between Unity Video alarms and Teldio events to to effectively manage emergencies and swiftly respond to critical situations.

Two-way Radio Panic Button

One example is when a panic button is triggered on a two-way radio.

In everyday operations, TruFleet monitors and manages your fleet, employees, and assets. However, TruFleet capabilities shine when emergencies arise. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a security breach, or any other critical event, TruFleet is equipped to promptly alert the appropriate personnel and facilitate immediate action.

When a panic button is triggered TruFleet swiftly pinpoints the exact location of the emergency via Avigilon cameras. This integration not only ensures that the appropriate personnel are promptly notified but also provides crucial visual context through Avigilon’s advanced video capabilities, enabling responders to assess the situation accurately and take immediate action.

The seamless coordination between Teldio’s TruFleet and Avigilon Unity Video streamlines the emergency response process, reducing response times and enhancing overall safety and security. By leveraging this integration, businesses can mitigate risks, minimize potential damages, and protect both their assets and personnel effectively.

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