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Alarm Management & Notification

An efficient & automatic way to manage your day-to-day, business critical and safety alarms

Automatic intelligent alarm management & notification


  • DMR Radios
  • iOS & Android devices
  • Phones, email-enabled devices, desktops and relay activated devices

ACS Alarm Control System ensures that alarm management and notification is automatic, efficient and reliable. ACS dispatches notifications to the right person based on the time of day and the competency necessary to respond to the task. The closed-loop system ensures that all alarms are acknowledged, resolved and closed.

ACS Alarm Control System is a software application that automatically dispatches safety, business-critical alarms and work tickets to digital two-way radios, iOS/Android devices, and other mobile devices. When an alarm is raised or a work ticket is generated, ACS immediately identifies the available employee and sends the notification. ACS works as a closed loop system, and the alarm or work ticket is escalated until it is acknowledged. Users respond to the notification to update the alarm or work ticket’s status as it is accepted or declined and closed.

ACS Features
  • Intelligent scheduler matches the scheduled worker competencies to those needed to respond to triggered alarms
  • System prioritizes alarms to optimize the use of available resources
  • Alarm escalation ensures alarms are escalated to the next appropriate person if an individual declines or fails to respond
  • Ability to listens to alarms from multiple sources and apply individual rules
  • Always active and provides automated coverage 24/7
  • Send simultaneous notifications to multiple media
ACS can integrate into a variety of existing alarm sources which output in the following standard protocols:
SMTP Email Listener

Hotel management systems, fire panels, data centers, building management systems (Schenieder, Honeywell, Siemens, etc.)

Serial / ASCII Listener

Fire panels, building management systems (Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Control, etc.)

DMR Text Message Listener

Panic button activation

Smartphone Listener

Panic button activation, call for assistance

I/O Listener

Fire panels, machinery alarms

SMS Text Message Listener

Mass notification systems and building management alarm systems

ACS Desktop Messenger

Emergency messaging to mobile workers, basic job ticketing

SNMP Listener

Data center monitoring or building management systems such as Schenieder

OPC Listener

Factory equipment and machinery such as Allen-Bradley

Command Line Listener

Monitoring of servers and other technical machinery operating on the Windows platform

Phone Alarm Listener

User or machinery generated alarms initiated by dialing a phone number

Tap Listener

Fire panels, building management systems

Automatic, Intelligent Dispatching of Work Tickets

ACS ensures that the alarm and work ticket notification process is automatic, efficient and reliable. Integrating into building management & network systems. Smart Tickets work with MOTOTRBO radio and ensures that work ticket management runs smoothly from beginning to end. As a team member accepts and closes a work ticket, the remaining group members’ radios automatically update the work ticket’s status.

Teldio Smart Tickets

Smart Tickets gives you both, ensuring that work ticket management runs smoothly from beginning to end.

  • Tickets are dynamically updated on all radios as a user accepts the ticket
  • Dynamic responses based on preprogrammed ticket rules (ex: fire alarm tickets cannot be declined)
  • When a user accepts the ticket from ACS, email or cell phone, tickets are automatically updated on all radios
Increased Productivity & Decreased Response Time

ACS consolidates disparate alarm sources and manages the alarm notification process. By doing so, response times to alarms and urgent events are significantly reduced which leads to an increase in workplace efficiency.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Fire alarm notifications to Fire Marshal and Security department
  • Factory machinery malfunction notifications to Engineering
More Accountability

With ACS, generic alarm outputs are transformed into actionable work tickets sent only to the appropriate individuals. The ACS reporting features allow managers and administrators to track how long it takes to respond to an alarm or work ticket, accept it, and close it.


Frequent Use Cases

  • Work ticket notifications to mobile users and reporting on completion times
  • Emergency alarm notifications escalated until resolved
System Architecture

ACS is a software application installed on a server which automatically notifies the appropriate individuals of alarm notifications, emergencies and work tickets directly on their mobile device. The server interfaces to third-party alarm systems, work ticket management systems, building management systems, and other alarm generating sources by listening for alarm triggers.

ACS can notify employees on the device of their choice. It sends notifications via email and text message, as well as text and audio notifications to radios, iOS and Android devices.

Compatible Radios

Teldio’s CLW is compatible with all DMR portables & mobiles that support text messaging. The following MOTOTRBO radio network modes are supported:

  • Simplex Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Capacity Max