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Now Available: Wireless/Wired Sensors and Panic Buttons

Would you like to track assets via wireless sensors to be able to trigger email and/or SMS notifications if items have been tampered with?

Are you looking to install panic buttons at your office/facility to send radio text notifications to security in the event of an emergency?

Or do you need to monitor the temperature of a machine at a manufacturing plant via a wired serial sensor and turn on a strobe light when it reaches a certain level?

We can help with any of the above scenarios!

Wireless/wired sensors and panic buttons are now available. All devices are provided by Teldio and work with our Teldio Edge Gateway and Alarm Management System (AMS) solutions.

What are the advantages?

  • Long range wireless communication (up to two mile range, line of sight).
  • Utilizes mesh technology to extend the range of devices.
  • No cables or network ports needed for wireless devices.
  • Small form factor design. Customizable.
  • Devices are battery operated with up to 10 years of battery life.
  • Various options to fit different scenarios: Contact closure boards, sensors, buttons etc are all available as wireless or wired options.
  • Support for indoor and outdoor operation.

Do you have specific use case or sensor needs? Reach out, we will help you solve those.