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Teach Your Old Radio New Tricks – Apps & Non-Display Radios

Teach Your Old Radio New Tricks – Apps & Non-Display Radios

Many customers see non-display radios as cheaper and easier alternatives for mobile workers. What they¬†probably¬†don’t know is that even non-display radios can be loaded with tons of functionality, thanks to applications!

Here are a few examples of what can be done with non-display radio models when paired with Teldio apps:


  • All non-display radios¬†can¬†receive incoming calls thanks to the RBX’s auto-answer mode.
    • Radio users can also answer group calls via the PTT button (if TX interrupt is enabled).
  • A speed dial button can be programmed to enable users to place outgoing calls to¬†911 or the security desk¬†(XPR 7000 series only).





  • All radios can receive alarms, notifications & work tickets with ACS’s audio alert feature.
  • Pre-recorded ACS audio alerts from multiple alarm sources can be sent to talkgroups or individual radios.




  • Lone workers with non-display radios can rest assured that MDN is active¬†(XPR 6000/7000 series radios with Motorola option board)
    • User settings are programmable, but must be done via the Teldio Programmer app.
    • Cancel pre-alarms by power-cycling the radio. [/span5][/row]



  • Administrators, Dispatchers¬†and Safety officers can feel confident in knowing all GPS & Bluetooth¬†enabled radios¬†can be tracked indoors & outdoors regardless of the model of radio their staff is using.




  • Display, non-display…who¬†cares? As long as the radios¬†are¬†able to broadcast talkgroup audio, the R2R app¬†can record it.



Have some CP200s, XPR3300s or other non-display radios sitting around collecting dust? Breathe some life back into them with Teldio applications. For specific details on what non-display radio models work with each application, please contact us.