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Mitigate Liabilities with R2R

Mitigate Liabilities with R2R

Every business has a risk of liability – a customer dispute, a claim of misinformation, or a failure to adhere to specific regulations. Recording conversations can not only save your company in liability issues, but it can put an end to “he said, she said” disputes, improve compliance concerns, and be used for training purposes.

Protection Against Risk & Liability

By monitoring and recording all inbound and outbound calls over the radio, businesses can reduce their liability by staying ahead of any potential conflicts. Companies must be able to provide proof of employees compiling with local, state and federal mandates to protect not only themselves, but also their employees and customers. Did employees call for help? Did they ask for permission from their supervisor? Did they follow the safety procedures? Find out by reviewing their dialog.

Training Purposes

It is often helpful to provide employees with training material using real-life situations. Recorded voice transmissions can be used to perform evaluations of employees, whether they were dealing with an emergency situation, hostile customers or everyday actions. Administrators can identify their employee’s strengths and weaknesses and use that information to correctly coach and train employees for future situations.

Teldio’s R2R

TR2R2eldio’s Radio to Radio (R2R) Recording application is a simple radio recording solution that allows network administrators to record, log and playback any radio talkgroup calls and phone-to-radio calls on their MOTOTRBO™ radio network. This data can be valuable for management teams when reviewing how past events, emergency situations, and customer requests were handled.

Learn more about R2R in this brochure and contact us if it is something you or a customer of yours are interested in.