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Maximizing Safety: Advanced Emergency Response with Avtec Scout Console™ and Teldio TruFleet Plus

When emergencies arise, swift and efficient response can make all the difference. Which is why Avtec, an industry leader in radio dispatch consoles for mission-critical and commercial communications, and Teldio, a global provider of advanced two-way radio and video solutions, have extended Avtec Scout Console™ deployments to include Teldio TruFleet Plus.

Key Features of the Integration

This integration of Avtec and Teldio enables the following features all within Avtec Scout Console™.

  • Location tracking (indoors and outdoors): Gain precise visibility to where employees, assets, and vehicles.
  • Radio messaging: Utilize text message communication to radios and mobile phones.
  • Emergency alerting: Receive alarms from radio, video, access control systems, sensors, critical assets, and legacy systems.

All-Encompassing Emegerncy Response

One example is when an emergency arises. Whether it’s a medical issue, a security concern, or any other critical event, immediate action is necessary.

When an emergency is triggered you are immediately alerted via Avtec Scout Console™. This alert is shown via a flashing emergency button and siren sound. This ensures your team never misses a distress call.

The addition of Teldio TruFleet let’s you take your emergency response one step further by pinpointing the identity and exact location of the distressed individual directly within Avtec Scout Console™. From here you are able to initiate communication instantly with the distressed individual, providing reassurance and support in real-time.

If you are unable to reach the distressed individual, Teldio TruFleet allows you to quickly identify nearby responders and dispatch them to the scene, ensuring a rapid response.

Once the emergency is resolved, you can clear the incident, providing peace of mind that all necessary actions have been taken. This smooth transition back to regular operations ensures minimal disruption and enables your organization to resume normal activities with confidence.

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The integration of Avtec Scout Console™ and Teldio TruFleet Plus represents a significant advancement in emergency response management. By combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive functionality, this integration empowers organizations to respond swiftly and effectively to critical situations, ultimately enhancing safety and security for all.

To learn more about how Avtec and Teldio can support your organization’s needs, book a free consultation with our team.