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Comprehensive Solutions for your Manufacturing Customers

Comprehensive Solutions for your Manufacturing Customers



Motorola Solutions Manufacturing Video

Poor communication can affect work production, efficiency, and safety. Improve responsiveness to unforeseen events and create a safer environment by maintaining a continuous flow of information with two-way radios equipped with Teldio apps. Watch this short Motorola Solutions video to see how you can reduce your downtime.

Teldio voice and data applications have been trusted by manufacturing companies such as Procter & Gamble, Siemens, Kellogg’s, 3M & more. See how apps can help your customers.

Increase Productivity & Minimize Downtime

ACS_Front_PageFrom the production line to the warehouse, Teldio apps keep your manufacturing operations performing at their highest efficiency. Integrating into the entire manufacturing plant’s machinery management & alarm systems, Teldio’s Alarm Control System (ACS) monitors the facility around the clock for alarms.

When a pump goes down, or the temperature drops in the refrigeration room, ACS automatically sends the alarm notification to the best available employee based on their location, competency, and schedule and escalates the alarm until it is resolved. Problems can be prevented and unplanned downtime averted by proactively notifying key personnel of faults and potential issues.

Keep Employees Connected from Anywhere in the Plant

RBX_Front_PageRBX, Teldio’s advanced telephone interconnect extends your radio’s reach to improve operational efficiency. By enabling workers to call both internal & external telephone numbers from their radios, information can be shared instantly. Whether working on the plant floor or in the head office, radio users can dial 911 (even when in problematic cellular dead zones), twin their desk phones to ensure calls are never missed, call into the PA system from the radio all while eliminating the recurring costs of mobile communications.

Ensure the Safety of Mobile Employees

CLW,-MDN,-RTLSMaintenance workers, engineers and security guards often work by themselves. To ensure their safety, CLW periodically pings lone workers to verify their well-being, while MDN notifies supervisors if they have suffered a fall or accident. When paired with RTLS, these safety applications are automatically turned on should an employee enter a hazardous area like a cooling tower or electrical room.

Track Employees & Assets

TF_Front_PageTruFleet GPS & iBeacon Bluetooth tracking system puts you in the passenger seat of every vehicle and pocket of every work. Administrators can quickly locate employees & vehicles should an emergency arise, calculating arrival times and pull up detailed vehicle reports all from their computer, tablet or smartphone.


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