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Make & Receive Phone Calls Directly From Your Radio

Make & Receive Phone Calls Directly From Your Radio

Teldio’s RBX +Plus (Radio Branch Exchange) is the first digital radio telephony system specifically designed to allow radio users to make and receive phone calls directly on their MOTOTRBO™ radios. RBX +Plus brings the benefits and functionality of corporate unified communications to digital radios, enabling enterprise customers to operate under one private business-critical mobile telephony network. It provides companies with a cost-effective solution for their mobile workforce while ensuring greater employee safety, security and situational awareness.

RBX +Plus Call Types

There are 3 RBX +Plus call types; private calls, talkgroups, and callgroups. This allows for you to build a solution that fits your needs. Select the call types that best fit your workers’ needs and create user profiles to provide the services only to those that require them. RBX +Plus is a flexible and scalable solution that will grow with your needs.

Private Calls: Radio users have the ability to place and receive private phone calls from their MOTOTRBO™ radio, virtually transforming the two-way radio into a mobile phone.

Talkgroups: Talkgroup extensions allow phone users to easily reach groups of radios. The phone user can broadcast onto the radio network from any phone, anywhere. All radio users within the target talkgroup have the ability to hear the phone user and respond.

Callgroups: Callgroups allow phone users to ring a group of radios. The first person to answer within that ring group is entered into a private call with the phone user. Other users in the group are notified that the call has been answered. 



RBX Phone-like Features

RBX +Plus includes familiar phone-like features including caller ID & history, date & time, phonebook, call transferring, speed dialing. RBX supports features such as custom auto-attendant menu, call recording, user provisioning, and call twinning.

Integrate RBX with PBXs, Phone Lines & More

RBX +Plus is a software application installed on a server which connects two-way radios to the world of telephony. RBX interfaces with radios using MOTOTRBO™ control stations which are connected to the server using a custom USB/Audio cable. RBX can connect to any PBX (SIP or analog), simple phone lines, Internet/telephony service providers and more.

RBX is compatible with MOTOTRBO™ digital radios in Simplex, Repeater, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus & Capacity Max modes.

The types of telephony integration which are possible with RBX +Plus are SIP-enabled IP PBXs (SIP Compatible) – Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, and more, Analog PBXs, PSTN / POTS Lines, Internet Telephony Service Providers, Cellular GSM Networks.

Find out more in our RBX brochure. For more information please contact us, we are always happy to help!